Morning Shower

Red Hibisca16:51 minutesFetish
Morning Shower 0
Morning Shower 1
Morning Shower 2
Morning Shower 3
Morning Shower 4

That's how I start the day, with a nice long shower. Then, of course, I have to cream my body so that the skin doesn't dry out. This is especially important for my breasts, which need a lot of care and body cream...

Balloon Fetish

Red Hibisca18:08 minutesFetish
Balloon Fetish 0
Balloon Fetish 1
Balloon Fetish 2
Balloon Fetish 3
Balloon Fetish 4

A great experience! I didn't know how big you could inflate a balloon like that to burst! And what funny balloon shapes there are. Some look like donuts, others like condoms. Logical, because they're condoms too...

Spanking with Lady Alexxa 0
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 1
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 2
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 3
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 4

Lady Alexxa enjoys playing various percussion instruments on my bottom, while once again I have to sit on this uncomfortable Spanish horse (or donkey?). Her slave has to sit next to her and hold the crops, canes and whips so that Lady Alexxa doesn't have to bend so far.

I have to put up with something because Alexxa doesn't know me so well yet and she likes to try out how far she can go. But sometimes it goes beyond that. She beats my fishnet tights in shreds and then tears them almost completely off my body.

All in all a very hard session for me and my butt...

Arrangements at the exhibition 0
Arrangements at the exhibition 1
Arrangements at the exhibition 2
Arrangements at the exhibition 3
Arrangements at the exhibition 4

Follow Red Hibisca while she is finalizing last arrangements with her booth. Of course she is showing her giant 30 G´s when trying a new corset!

Show at Peitschenhandel 0
Show at Peitschenhandel 1
Show at Peitschenhandel 2
Show at Peitschenhandel 3
Show at Peitschenhandel 4

Don´t get fooled by LadyLee´s Babyface and her petite body, she is merciless and cruel! She knows exactly where she can hurt most!

Red Hibisca has to sit on a Spanish Horse and LadyLee is whipping her giant 30 G tits severely with a Cat o´ Nine whip whith horrible barbed hooks! Extremely hurting and Red Hibiscas screems echo through the pavilion!

BoundCon Tour

Red Hibisca13:32 minutesBondage
BoundCon Tour 0
BoundCon Tour 1
BoundCon Tour 2
BoundCon Tour 3
BoundCon Tour 4

First visible marks on Red Hibisca´s back from the previous show. Lady Alexxa has been beating Red Hibisca severely...

It is time for the first tour on the BoundCon! As a good sub Red Hibisca has to wear a metal pillory. She cannot use her hands and is quite helpless and she cannot escape easily on her High Heels!

Custom Shooting w/ Special Guest Alexxx Wild Pt 1 0
Custom Shooting w/ Special Guest Alexxx Wild Pt 1 1
Custom Shooting w/ Special Guest Alexxx Wild Pt 1 2
Custom Shooting w/ Special Guest Alexxx Wild Pt 1 3
Custom Shooting w/ Special Guest Alexxx Wild Pt 1 4

Custom Shooting, where you can make photos of Red Hibisca with your own camera.

This is a bondage session with the French Bondage Artist Philippe Boxis and Red Hibisca´s friend Alexxx Wild.