Hard Caning with Marks by LadyLee 0
Hard Caning with Marks by LadyLee 1
Hard Caning with Marks by LadyLee 2
Hard Caning with Marks by LadyLee 3
Hard Caning with Marks by LadyLee 4

This Boundcon, I'm almost only tortured by women.

In this second session with LadyLee she makes tracks with announcement! After a long warm-up she lets the cane dance, so mean that sometimes the air really stays away from me.

She looks only dainty and sweet, the LadyLee, but she can hit really hard, I can promise you that! She not only can, she does, and she has a lot of fun making me suffer. Every now and then a few strokes help me to bear the pain better.

Spanking with Lady Delona 0
Spanking with Lady Delona 1
Spanking with Lady Delona 2
Spanking with Lady Delona 3
Spanking with Lady Delona 4

2nd Custom Shooting with Lady Delona

Lady Delona is a martial artist and has accordingly strength. She'll take it out on Red Hibisca without mercy. She gets hard hits on buttocks and breasts first with the nine-tailed one and then with the bullwhip. Lady Delona visibly enjoys inflicting severe pain on Red Hibisca and does everything she can to make Red Hibisca scream...

Spanking with Lady Alexxa 0
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 1
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 2
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 3
Spanking with Lady Alexxa 4

Lady Alexxa enjoys playing various percussion instruments on my bottom, while once again I have to sit on this uncomfortable Spanish horse (or donkey?). Her slave has to sit next to her and hold the crops, canes and whips so that Lady Alexxa doesn't have to bend so far.

I have to put up with something because Alexxa doesn't know me so well yet and she likes to try out how far she can go. But sometimes it goes beyond that. She beats my fishnet tights in shreds and then tears them almost completely off my body.

All in all a very hard session for me and my butt...